, California

, United States

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2020-02-22 19:46:45
“Flying drones is what I do for a living and also what I do as a hobby. With all the FAA laws imposed to be set into action, Drone rookie pilots will not conform nor have the education to understand it as they cannot even follow the current regulations set forth for drones. The real drone hobby/ enthusiast and commercial pilots will be greatly affected because they already follow all of the FAA laws and regulations in effect and strictly hold themselves accountable. Especially if they have a part 107 license because breaking any of the rules already in place will jeopardize that license. The majority of the drone pilots Who will be affected by these laws are the people who already follow all the laws and regulations because they respect the air space and do not want a badd name for drones. It’s really the rookies and people who do not look in to the laws of drone flying before buying a drone and putting it in the sky that are the biggest harm And accountable for the FAA even wanting to imply stricter regulations. The real drone pilots that love the sport the hobby or the ability to implement drones into work are the most affected by these new laws yet, We as serious pilots already abide and respect the laws in place. I feel that the people who miss use or use drones without education of the FAA laws in general are the ones who are responsible for these much stricter laws to even be thought of. As a daily drone pilot for work and my hobby I feel it is unfair to Impose so many privacy invasions and area withholding laws to the drone pilots who obey the law. Sincerely, Troy Gould”