, Tennessee

, United States

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2020-02-22 20:03:04
“I have been flying since the age of 12. My dad got me hooked and I have gone on to become a private pilot and a certified aircraft mechanic. Flying model airplanes is a way of life. I love the smell of glow fuel burning. It always takes me back to the first time I flew with my dad. He is long gone but the memory remains. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a model you built take to the air for the first time. It gives great satisfaction not only to build but to fly. I have given up flying private airplanes because it isn’t fun anymore. You come up with to many rules or requirements it will take the fun out of this hobby also. Flying line of sight is not the problem anyway. It wasn’t until the advent of first person view that we ever had a problem. Also when I buy an aircraft kit at the end of the instruction book is always a list of the AMA rules for flying safely. You go buy a drone and there is nothing that tells you anything about rules or flying safely. Then you act surprised when people go out and do stupid things. Flying beyond line of sight should be left to professionals who have proper training, know the rules and have a license.”