, Teaneck

, New Jersey

, United States

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2020-02-22 20:00:54
“Iv been flying since i was 8 years old i am now 16 and over the years i have had 4 drones 2 of which are self built fpv drones. The reason iv been flying and many others have been flying is because of all the amazing photos and videos you can get from these drones and also how fun it is. What the faa has proposed is a solution to a problem that is non existant, i do think that an online test should be given to ensure that everyone is aware of the laws that are currently in place because most people arent even aware of the currently existant laws. I also believe that there is a huge misunderstanding of uav’s that they will fall out of the sky and hit people as i was flying my quadcopter and a person has come to me and said land that right now its going to hit someone because it will out of the sky which i dont think is an issue i dont know of anyone who was flying a uav and have it tall out of the sky and hit someone. I also believe that the current part 107 test for commercial drone pilots should not have an age requirement. Iv worked with people who are much older yet dont know how to fly theire drones.”