, Hanover

, Pennsylvania

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 20:01:25
“I hurt my back and am currently disabled and dont get out alot to do things I used to enjoy in till I found fpv I’m so excited to build my own drone and actually be able to fly something I built with my own hands not to mention my children being interested in it when im building it or fixing them or flying then explaining how things work and showing them different components my grandson is starting to show a interest and it would be great when he is a little older to be able to go whever we may go to fly a safe area free of people and get to spend that type of quality time with him and my own daughter just learning a few things here and there picking it up shes even interested in it shes 11 but you cannot take something that is this educational and gets me up and moving around excited to go out and fly instead of sitting around the house it also has therapeutic value also I put my goggles on and go into my own little world for a few mins and forget about my pain and other troubles I may have please dont take this away from me”