, Provo

, Utah

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 23:56:06
“I’m an engineering student and an aerospace enthusiasts, I even became a hang glider pilot when I encountered hurdles getting my GA license. I a way, flying drones and model aircraft is the only way I can fly and share that with my friends. I also enjoy designing aircraft and trying to market new innovative designs for the aerospace industry which i hope to go into as my career. Most of my involvement couldn’t happen with limiting flying fields and requiring a subscription or module for remote I.D. will increase costs which I can afford along side tuition, it will also limit me to only flying in one local field over a half hour away so I would only be able to find time for the hobby and my experimental builds about a quarter of the amount I do now. I love this hobby and hope for someone like me I can continue to peacefully learn and enjoy flight.”