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, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-22 23:51:34
“I recently had an ROTC rocketry/drone competition and we were having trouble getting into the air because of a no-fly zone that was implemented. It made me realize that if these regulations go into effect, not only would it impact things I can do for school, but it would ultimately destroy all the things I enjoy about highschool. I was also able to use my drones to successfully find my neighbors dog that got out and being in the backcountry, had I not found him, he would have died. These regulations are a massive impact on what I enjoy and I only intend to do good as a pilot. I also think that as a counter to CBOs being used that people/organizations should be allowed to register something that I would call a guaranteed fly zone that would permit pilots to fly regardless of a no-fly zone when under the supervision of authorized personnel.”