, Aurora

, Colorado

, United States

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2020-02-23 7:59:11
“I recently began my journey learning about FPV drone piloting. It’s not a inexpensive hobby and I am in the process of seeing if this is the right fit for me. I see a practical application for FPV drones in my life. I am an avid hiker/backpacker and I think drones could help me with surveying my surroundings. I am unsure how the regulations will impact my idea for application. However I do see one blaring issue. If drone piloting becomes restricted for hobbyist and commercial drones take to the sky, there will be safety issues. Imagine DHL has drones transporting packages. These drones will be larger than what hobbyist are currently flying. Worse case scenario: The DHL drone malfunctions over a populated area and crashes in automobile traffic. The incident causes one or multiple deaths and/or injuries. Ultimately if the government restricts drone piloting, it will discourage new people, like myself form taking up the hobby. Innovation will be reduced, dreams will be crushed.”