, Gloucester

, Massachusetts

, United States

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2020-02-23 8:01:57
“I grew up admiring a scale model of the USS Constitution made by my great Uncle. This interest made me become an avid model builder and recreational RC pilot for many decades. I grew up enjoying model building which turned into hobby throughout most of my adult life life at various levels and types of craft. That same love of designing and building turned into my current career as an Engineer. The craft I am currently involved in are home built FVP mini drones (First person Video) from components I research, acquire and build into a functional drone that contain complex systems including craft remote control, motor control systems & Camera & video transmission systems. I then take this UAS and configure it to a highly capable craft. My love of building and piloting these craft are realized through the continued use of them. I own many of these craft including 8 functioning fixed wing planes (many more mothballed) and 10 FPV style Drones. And have built most of these planes and drones for my friends also involved in the sport of flying these craft. I presently fly these craft at several areas near my home. I have many fields that I can fly safely without bothering others and don’t fly when there are others present that may present a safety concern because of their presence. Recreational flying of UAS is one of the safest hobbies on the planet. Recreational UAS use is proven to be an extremely safe endeavor. In the decades of use of any of these craft I have never seen or been in any incident that caused any type of harm to person or property. I would challenge the FAA to demonstrate why remote identification of this type of UAS is required to ensure public safety and the safety and efficiency of the airspace of the United States. It seems the prosed regulations are targeted to commercial drone use with very little consideration for the recreational use of these craft. The restriction from the NPRM for flying UAS without remote ID only being able to be flown in AMA sanctioned fields (FRIA’s) is severely limiting due to these field are located more than 50 miles from my home will make flying not practical. I feel there is a large portion of the pilots flying various types of craft having this same limitation will severely limit the UAS community from doing the same. This proposal would not allow me to fly any of the UAS craft I own without a significant loss of time and money to travel to the proposed FRIA’s. The involvement in creating configuring and piloting these craft is what can spark the interest & passion that can drive participants to become involved in a career in the aviation industry as designers, mechanics and pilots. The restrictions proposed in the NPRM will deter this from happening and put the US behind the rest of the world with regards to this technology. There is an entire industry burgeoning out of the interest for this type of FPV drone flying. The sale of components to build and maintain these craft. The advancement of the flight control systems to allow these craft to perform mind boggling maneuvers. The advancement of electric motor & battery systems have made huge improvements in a very short term. I can imagine this type of craft scaled up is the future of new aviation platforms. All of this will be greatly stifled should this proposal go forward as written.”