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2020-02-23 19:38:08
“I’ve been in and out of the hobby for several years. Finding suitable locations for FPV flight has already been challenging due to my work requiring me to live near FAA restricted zones. Further regulation and requirements to have internet connection/network access would add another layer of difficulty that may force me to permanently get out of the hobby. I also have issues with the fact that you would be forced to transmit all of your geolocation and flight data to a separate entity that you will have no direct interactions with other than possibly though a phone app. I understand the need for restrictions, however the individuals that cause incidents that create what the FAA sees as a need for these types of regulations aren’t the same individuals that would be following the new guidelines as they get passed. In my opinion, the issue is not the lack of tracking of the UAS, but the fact that there are so many uninformed pilots that buy a large COTS aircraft and take no care in how they fly or where they fly.”