, Missouri

, United States

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2020-02-24 16:54:28
“Everything about this sounds like a bad idea. Extra equipment means more points of failure, more weight, requiring more power, and more battery, which again means more weight, and more power, and more battery. My son flies as a hobby almost daily. If he had to have a data connection, it would kill his flying entirely. I like to dabble, and experiment. But don’t fly nearly as many hours. Hard to imagine government sanctioned hardware would meld with this well. Pretty much killing my tinkering. We live in a large metro, of over a million people. Yet, there is only two club fields with in 30 minutes of us. And one of those is being shutdown so the land can be reused for more profitable use. The remaining one is exactly 30 minutes away, at a rural state lake. It is not convenient. However these is a school 2 blocks away with a 5 acre green way next to it, and another park with 2 football practice fields 3 blocks away. These are our 2 main fly areas. My son understands not to fly when either area is being used, or there are just too many people hanging around, because he doesn’t want to attract undo attention. Nothing wrong with increased education program offerings. And I even understand having an ID system to find the owner of lost craft. We have recovered a dozen craft around our neighborhood, that were being flown irresponsibly. But because we have been responsible, and good neighbors, we get contacted to come and get a crashed quad to reuse. I also have no problem with some areas (airports, stadiums, schools in session, and such) as being off limits without permission. Schools and stadiums for example should be able to control their own space, and give permission directly, without FAA involvement.”