, Lodi

, Ohio

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-17 19:53:17
“My interest in aviation started with models at an early age. I am now a Captain and 35 year veteran of United Airlines with over 25,000 hours and I still fly models. There are more aviation professionals than I could ever count who started the same way. Pilots, engineers, mechanics, astronauts and so many more. Model Aviation is one of the best hobbies known to man. It builds skills in aerodynamics, science, technology, engineering, math, problem solving & many more! It is one of the safest activities one can engage in and has been around for over 80 years. I can’t believe the FAA is going kill it just so Amazon, UPS, FedEx and others can take over the skies for profit! If the FEDs were really worried about safety they would work on things like general aviation midair collisions which actually do happen and kill people every year. There current RFID scheme is a lot like gun control. The vast number of law abiding citizens will blindly give up model aviation while these rules will do nothing to stop a determined terrorist from building there own system from off the shelf parts that already exist in the millions! Just more hysterical government stupidity!”