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2020-02-18 23:06:43
“I’m a Navy vet, grandfather getting close to retirement. I’ve dreamed of flying like a bird. FPV flying is like dream come true. It takes an amazing amount of time and dedication to truly succeed at it. Learning to solder, choosing proper components. How they all work together. The first time I armed and hover tested was exhilarating. Then there was hours of trying to fly around the yard. Crashing fixing trying again. Until I was making it through a full flight successfully. It is an awesome feeling. I have gotten 2 of my son in laws flying and building their own kwads. I built a micro fpv kwad for my granddaughter. She loves it. Fpv pilots love flying empty parks, farms abandoned buildings. Flying loops around trees and poles. I am concerned that as written the hobby will not survive. Or in a weaker state with most of the purchases of parts directly from China. Flying going underground, harder to find YouTube videos. I am not 100% against remote ID. Full autonomous drones are very capable of having the capability added in. In particular dji drones. The casual camera drone flyer can go buy a drone, charge the battery, hopefully read the directions and fly. And they can fly it in auto mode. Fpv hobbiest / flyers are the pilots. No auto pilot. In long range fpv pilots are also manually flying. I have seen impressive long range home built flying wings. A broadcast type of remote ID I think is a good idea. Long range flyers whether manual flights or auto do broadcast Telemetry. I think a company like Team Blacksheep could come up with a solution that would be a tamper proof transceiver. All rc models have a receiver, long range rigs most likely have GPS and broadcast Telemetry. For us hobbiest I hear some talking of shielded flights. I fly in areas with trees. But for others not so lucky I think a ceiling of 100 feet is better option , fly where we have permission. I think laanc available to hobbiests is very good. A useful tool. The public should never be given the pilots location. That’s a deal breaker. Sharing information with law enforcement I have no issues with. Being restricted to an authorized flying field as an fpv pilot is a deal breaker. Boring is an understatement. If absolutely must have remote ID make it broadcast. No subscriptions. All of our builds have receivers. Many already broadcast Telemetry. Sorry about the rambling. Yours truly John P Larson”