, Lansing

, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-18 23:20:43
“I came into this hobby as someone who had 0 experience with rc at 26 years old. I learned every single thing I possibly could as quickly as my brain would take it in. I’ve learned everything from aviation design, to electronic engineering to business skills. At the time I was working a manual labor job, flying tiny whoop (30g) aircraft, soon that led to a job. At present time, I am head of customer support for 3 major companies in FPV. I help STEM programs regularly, teaching them how to fix their aircraft, and securing discounts so they have the ability to take part in this amazing hobby. I’ve helped government entities create traps for golden eagles, so they can tag the eagles to monitor poaching, with drone parts and drone long range control links. I’ve helped governments abroad with their equipment they were using to fight Hamas terrorists fire kites taking out farm land in Israel. I’ve helped police and swat agencies with the building of robots to have the capability to go long range with live video to help protect good people from bad people. All of this was self taught, a drive to learn from a passion of flight. RC aircraft have changed my life. Adding these restrictions to this hobby with cripple it. It will cause people like me who could barely afford to enter the hobby in the first place to not be able to enter it at all. It would hurt our STEM programs, and possibly severely impact our next generations understanding of avionics.”