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2020-02-25 1:01:48
“I have been extremely interested in the hobby for rc vehicles. I started watching flite test videos and random YouTube videos on many different vehicles but I found a special interest in quadcopters. I remember watching videos about the Turnigy 9x and the KK2 flight controller and the glass fiber tarrot frames from I loved the technicalities and complexity of the electronics and the amazing fun that the final product gave. I loved learning about the development in the flight control software and how every different quadcopter had their own specific tune to balance out noise and vibrations. All these technicalities have greatly influenced my passion and education path as I want to to contribute and develop in the field. I have been following the hobby all the way through middle school and high school and now even in college I am still following FPV community as it is still very interesting. The development is a miracle as anyone can get into the hobby to experiment with electronics and have fun out of it. It is a great way to learn new skills and collaborate with people on improvements. I bought RC plane and quadcopter parts with the first set of money I had ever earned because I believed in the investment I was making. I was 110% sure that this was money well spent because I loved the idea of building my own drone. I wanted to learn the fundamentals of flying If you want to see some of the interesting things that I love about the drone world, check out Samm Sheppard on YouTube: His videos show the enthusiasm and interest people have in the hobby but are usually shy to express them. Instead of all recreational participants paying for 0.05% of the drone flying population causing any risk, more resources could be easily diverted to preventative measures in high risk areas such as airports or stadiums or museums. Such system could be much easier to develop and implement quickly to deal with the problem at hand.”