, Columbus

, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-25 0:18:17
“I’ve been flying model aircraft and FPV drones for 4 years now–without a single accident. My father introduced me to flight, primarily due to his mechanical background (he’s an auto mechanic of 50+ years) and his experiences in the USAF during the Vietnam War. Flying and enjoying the experiences of flight and the lessons that come in building and learning the related fields of flight (physics, radio, electronics, experimental designs, aerodynamics, material science, & structural integrity, etc.) have been a part of my family for generations; and I hope to continue it through similar experiences with my two sons (9 & 7) who are just getting into the hobby. I believe that the proposed regulations and requirements as they stand would present an extreme (and unnecessary) burden (and be prohibitive) to continue to enjoy and reap the benefits of amateur flight as my family does currently. I firmly believe that the ratification of this proposal would not be a small tragedy for our culture, but also for the spirit of freedom and innovation that reflect the ideals of our great nation. It will crush the creativity and inspiration of generations to come; we cannot afford to let this happen as an American culture and a nation. Please, please, please do not let this proposal pass in its current form. There are other more creative and beneficial ways to regulate without destroying this amazing hobby!”