, San Marcos

, California

, United States

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2020-02-25 0:52:39
“I’m a FPV freestyle pilot, flying it’s my way to be free, to relax my mind and a power excuse to study always something new, to explore new technologies. I started to fly small helicopters in 2011 and i built my first drone in 2013. I love to fly in the open fields near the place I live. Safety it has been always my first rule and even if the intent of the remote-id proposal is great it has many downside that would impact my pilot hobby. FPV Flying it’s already a really expensive hobby and this proposal sounds like a huge opportunity for few clubs to make money instead offering security. I live 45 mins far away from the closest flying field, I went once to check the place and they ask around 300 dollars a month to let you flying in a dirt close to trees. It’s extremely inconvenient and expensive just the travel itself it’s not worth it. I love to fly when I have 30/45 mins free sometimes with my kids showing them this amazing activity, I cannot imagine to take a car and waste almost 2H just to get there. Another concern is the technology, most of my drones are packed and i do not know how i could fit additional hardware w/o redesigning everything or changing hardware. I have always done my best using the tools today available to ensure security for others and myself, like delimiting the flying area, delimiting the pilot area, check on the FAA app if the zone is safe or otherwise submit a FAA request using B4UFLY, I activate a drone insurance every time using Verifly app.”