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, Massachusetts

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2020-02-19 6:45:57
“The proposed policy will create financial burden, end the artistic video’s and flying as we know it, and eliminate all the current drones and equipment. Automobile accidents have killed a lot of people, but drones have killed no one. Issues with drones are minimal. We could lower the height window and keep current rules in place. Most drones do not exceed 100′ in height. GPS drones should be able to fly a certain distance but decrease height. This would allow our drones to stay current and not become eliminated causing a financial burden for the pilot. I am on a fixed income, and disabled. This hobby has helped me to get out and get exercise. It has helped me greatly with parks local to my home. Without this I will have to leave this hobby. The new drone equipment requirements that don’t even exist, will cause a financial burden for me, causing me to leave the hobby. Again, the current policies and amount of drones in the air have posed little threat or damage as is. There have been more plane, helicopter and deceptive use of passenger air craft causing damage and death vs drones. Drones have have had a positive impact on many lives. Please do not eliminate this hobby as it is known. The changes should include no fly zones, safety training, height restriction (except where approval is granted), and not affect the current policy. The two main reasons for the new proposed policy is control and financial gain, this is wrong. The proposed policy will eliminate the artistic ways of our filming and video creation. Please don’t end our hobby so many love and enjoy. It brings family, friends, and competition together. It has helped me through my disabilities.The current drone process has saved so many lives thru mental and physical health improvements.”