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2020-02-19 11:29:22
“My name is Brian White, I have a BA and MA in Psychology, and a PhD in Neuroscience, and I have been working at Queen’s University for about 15 years. Flying FPV is a huge creative, technical, innovative, and educational outlet for me! At the first level, it fulfills a creative and technical need in the drone building process. I love the aspect of being able to choose from a diverse set of technical components (motors, flight controller, frame, props, ESCs, firmware) to design and build a mini quadcopter customized to my interests. From assembling, soldering, and tuning, I almost love building drones as much as I love flying them! The educational and learning aspect of this is incredible, and I love learning and passing on my knowledge with the FPV community and to my children. A second level of passion for this hobby comes from analyzing technical blackbox log data from mine and other people’s drones. I spent months developing software for analyzing blackbox log data to facilitate PID tuning and flight controller firmware development, which I now share freely with the open source and FPV community (PIDtoolbox: Hundreds of FPVers, including firmware developers (e.g., the Betaflight team) now use this software and share their experience and knowledge-building on several FPV FaceBook sites (e.g.,, which is extremely gratifying to see! This just highlights the huge educational aspect of this hobby that so many people love. Many people would never acquire such technical knowledge about feedback control systems and aviation principles otherwise, and they don’t even realize they are learning about physics and engineering! I am absolutely sure this will have a significant impact on stimulating the interests of youth into the STEM fields, which would not have otherwise happened without their exposure to this hobby. The third aspect of this hobby that I love is how it connects me to nature. My passion is hiking and spending time in nature, and there is nothing better than being able to add to this experience by seeing it in real-time from above via FPV. The freedom and experience that FPV brings is second to nothing else I’ve ever done. I, like so many other FPVers, love this aspect. We have no interest in “spying” on people or flying anywhere near people. In fact, we always seek locations far away from people. This leads to a fourth aspect of FPV that I and most FPVers love, and that is the sharing of our experience by way of incredible, awe-inspiring, video, whether just flying around a deserted local park, to cinematic footage of flying down some of the world’s most amazing mountains. This footage connects a large community of like-minded passionate people who just want to experience the world in ways one could only dream about before FPV. That’s the short story of my love of FPV. -Brian White Kingston, Ontario, Canada”