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, Washington

, United States

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2020-02-19 11:32:04
“I have been building model aircraft for over 55 years. My father and I spent many hours crafting and flying models and it was a major part of our lives. Model aviation was my stepping stone to becoming an aerospace engineer; I worked for a major aircraft manufacturer before joining the FAA as a cabin safety engineer for part 25 aircraft. Without model aviation I seriously doubt that I would have become an aerospace engineer. It spurred my imagination for aircraft design and flying. I am very concerned for the future of the aviation industry without the unfettered access to model aviation and it is my opinion that many people enter the aviation industry because ot model aviation. We are already experiencing a shortage of aerospace engineers and mechanics and I fear that these proposed regulations will severely impact interest in the next generation of aviation professionals and would have a direct impact on the United States ability to compete in the world aviation market.”