, Arizona

, United States

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2020-02-19 15:50:57
“As a combat veteran of two foreign wars and a recipient of the Purple Heart, FPV has become an escape for me and to level my head. This current proposal completely restricts the way I fly which is mostly in the mountains out of the normal population. Most people don’t even hike To places I fly, so there is no added risk. The new proposal will restrict me from flying farther than 400’ which might sound trivial to some but 400’ is not far at all. My average flight is 1.5 miles away, this new proposal will absolutely prevent that, especially with the required internet connection. I absolutely refuse to fly in a flat field, not mention the fields have a high chance of being removed for property building etc.. and they won’t be renewed. I also film for profit using my fpv drones and this drastically downgrade my ability to make money as well. In short I am not in favor of this proposal. Do I agree that some type of identification process needs to be implanted but this is not the way to do it as it will be too Conakry for the average hobbyist.”