, Brownsville

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-19 15:58:14
“Flying matters to me because I found it to be an effective therapy for depression, anxiety and even pain. FPV gives me disassociation from my physical body and provides a sense of true freedom. The first time I felt this, 2 years ago I flew my home built 2-pound FPV quadcopter through the fork of a tree. The rush was palpable, and I remember shaking and sweaty palms. Flying cleanly out the other side, I felt like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. At that moment, the problems I was having that particular day melted away. I was at peace, if only briefly. I have also flown commercially for the insurance and legal industries, as well as real estate. I let my license expire last August due to the pending regulations and descent of special interests onto Washington. I am hoping this is a chance to have our voices heard.”