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2020-02-19 16:06:07
“I started in model aviation at the age of 10 (in 1964). The hobby fostered a love of aviation and developed a multitude of skills from designing from scratch to fine mechanical abilities. This eventually lead to a 24 year career in aviation including 22 years in the U.S. Airforce serving my country. I am now the President in an AMA flying club. Our club has been holding charity events for the past 35 years, contributing nearly $20,000 to local and national charities. Several thousand spectators attend our events every year. Many have joind the club to explore and enjoy the mode aviation hobby. Several young people have been part of the club and have gone on to aviation and STEM related careers because of the interests explored during thier time in the hobby. The new proposed regulations would deter peolple from getting into and or continuing in the hobby due to unneccessary burdens placed on the hobbyists. It would no longer be something to be enjoyed just for the fun of it.”