, Norway

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2020-02-19 16:07:32
“I work with aircraft. remote control is my hobby. Love it, understand we need some regulation, Drones and FPV. My work have a lot of regulation. So i want to relax in the hobby, i don’t want to hurt anybody, make damage to others property. In Norway you are covered by insurance then you apply for membership in NLF (Norsk luftsportforbund ) NLF.NO . And you can fly more free, on your ovn spot/ flying fields. I hope you ask my club “NLF” and the Norwegian regulating CAA. “” We have a lot of noise in the beginning. because you need to be a member in a model aircraft club with membership in NLF. But in the end, Norwegian rules for Modelaircraft ended with some i like, and can follow, talk positive to non members about :-)”