, Idaho Falls

, Idaho

, United States

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2020-02-19 16:40:09
“I’ve flown FPV in an RC kite for 8+ years now. Not one sole has ever approached me nor have I EVER flown above someone other than myself. I’ve only damaged my property. I have always left with the same as what I’ve went in with. I fly kites one to two times a week in the summer time. That you will not take from me. … I got a HS150 for my birthday in September 11th of 2019. My oldest boy died on the 19th. Without losing myself and the ones around me, I dove head first into flying away. I spent Way too much on an Arris E280 and flew away. For one little moment I wasn’t lost. …Naturally, when I then came back to earth I crashed and broke it. Because of that I now know how to properly solder, 3D design and printing guards and other applicable equipment, circuit board layout, flashing data, updating firmware, installing new programs, trouble shooting, switch programming and layouts, GPS functionality and operation, SBUS, FPort, Telemetry, Softserial, Filtering, PID’s, ESC control, Brushless motor everything, filming, editing, programming, aerodynamic relations, audio creation and manipulation, circuitry, regulations, relations, and peace of mind knowing that I now know this. I’ve learned so dammed much from this stupid drone that I would have never even cared about, let alone learn circuitry. This is an education that you run into head first. Fly one time, crash and break it… become an amateur electrician/designer/editor/programmer/installer/printer/photographer/teacher/mentor/father, fly again, crash and repeat. I feel my boy every moment of every day. I FPV because I have to, it’s the only thing holding me and my relationships together right now. My kite never flew with the gods… Now I touch their soles and they change mine. Don’t take our freedoms away. Sometime the littlest things we have, are the only things we have. Thanks Jared P.”