, Royersford

, Pennsylvania

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 18:35:21
“Flying gives me a way to deal with the anxiety that I deal with daily. Teaching young students to build and fly gives them a chance to to create something using multiple skills (soldering, wiring, programming and assembly of hardware.. etc ). Coming from a background of building and repair on CNC machines the drone building has a lot in common with that field of work and everything is going to automation and CNC control in manufacturing. The new regulations will prevent innovation to the younger generations and push them to sit in from of a video game and not expand the innovation we need in this country. Everyone I fly with flys safe and have never had an issue with anyone. Most people are generally interested in what we are doing. Rather then concerned of there general safety or privacy. Most people like myself dislike the people whom do not follow the existing rules in place.”