, Wylie

, Texas

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 18:56:14
“I’m still fairly new to flying drones, but what few months I’ve been flying I have since already found a new group of great friends. All fellow drone enthusiasts, our group encourages each other in the hobby, goes on trips to fly, and teaches new comers getting into the hobby. For my personal fulfillment besides the sense of community is a hobby to work on a skill set that can take as much or little time as I give it. Working full time with an unpredictable schedule, I have had to stop or limit most hobbies like softball and game nights with friends because I was constantly missing games due to work. Flying drones gives me something in depth to work on with all kinds of facets to learn about and it’s something I can do could anytime and at least for the time being, in most places I can find somewhere close by to go fly. It gets me outside, my wife often comes with me and we’ll make dates of it and walk around wherever we are, enjoying the weather and making sure it’s safe to fly.”