, Yakima

, Washington

, United States

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2020-02-19 18:42:55
“Ive been flying rc for 20 years and it is a fantastic hobby! Ive seen 80 year old people standing right next 10 year olds enjoying the thing together. By inflicting all the extra hoops to junp through, your only going adversly affect the people who already fly responsibly and follow safety guidelines and rules. The idiot people who are responsible for the bad reputation of flying” drones” and causeing all the problems,, will hack thier way around any systems and do it anyway or just go back to thier video games. Leaving the responsible people holding the bag. Per usual, I believe these new rules and regs are going to wipe out another wholsome, good natured tradition. Not all kids play soccer or baseball. Anymore ,that seems to be about thier only choices or sports in general.”