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2020-02-20 4:05:53
“Many of The Astronauts and Military pilots that defend the US interests, not to mention scientists, and innovators of the last and this century have started their careers after a youth filled with model aircraft building and flying. Nothing else gives you the experience to go into a career in aerospace and aircraft design, engineering like model aviation. I am a 3rd generation Aero modeler who is a US citizen living abroad, and looking forward to the day that the US can become great again. It will only happen through STEM education, and the freedom to experiment with physics, rather than degrading into a police state like Iran, where free thinking and drones are banned. Are we free, or are we in a giant concentration camp? The FAA has an obligation to promote aviation in a FREE country, and has NO legitimate reason to restrict model aviation. What they need to do is promote experimentation, youth education in aerospace, and give Model aircraft the airspace they deserve for commercial operations, the only part of model aviation that should be regulated. I am unwilling to wait 50 years to see drones delivering lifesaving items in the US as they already are in rural AFRICA!! NO MORE EXCUSES Make it happen!!!!!!!”