de Kruijff

, Netherlands

Posted on
2020-02-20 10:29:59
“Because of the interest in flying I became also interested in the working of all the technical pieces. Flight controllers, the further use of hardware and how all pieces work together my children became also interested and one of them wants to become a aircrafts builder/mechanic. Flying Fpv gives me the feel of freedom and how beautiful the landscape is here in the Netherlands from day one that I begon to fly i needed to get info about where how en which regulations there are. I talked to my insurance men to confirm that I could fly and my insurance would pay if I destroyed or harmed anybody. So that how important it’s for me to respect people property’s or anything else. I think that anybody who has this hobby Wil not harm any one and keeps him flying whitin the law. So all these messurements wil have a huge impact and people who’s gonna fly with bad in tensions Wil never cooperate with regulations.”