, Illinois

, United States

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2020-02-20 9:57:54
“I fly a micro sized quad copter in my yard, and spend the majority of the time under 8’. It is small, and very lite. It poses no threat to anyone or anything. It’s about as dangerous as a frisbee. Regulating toys like this out of existence is a ridiculous overreaction, and a overreach. I also fly traditional style rc planes at a AMA club field. They are also small and lite. I made them from scratch, out of foam and paper. One was designed by a teenager with aspirations of aero engineering. The preposterous rules that the current proposal would impose would make this illegal, over time as fields where craft that don’t comply with the remote ID rules are shut down and none are allowed to open. This is a incredibly safe, wholesome hobby that teaches real skills. It is ridiculous to kill it out of some sort of “safety “ concerns. The only place I think that this regulation is appropriate, is in larger autonomous craft, and commercial craft.”