, Connecticut

, United States

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2020-02-20 10:43:09
“Former Vice President of the University of Connecticut Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Society (UAVS). Flight sessions were a great opportunity to foster youth interest in STEM programs and career tracks offered by their public schools and UCONN. People of all ages would come to check out and learn about the multi rotors and see how they work. During my involvement with the UAVS, we had no reported injuries, police incidents, or other problems. Today FPV flying serves as a hobby to bond between myself, my girlfriend, and her two children. Since taking an interest to drones, her son now has increased interest and motivation to do well in school, and wants to be an engineer. We fly sub 50g whoops indoors, sub 250g toothpicks in the yard. And travel to empty fields to fly >250g 5” quads. Safety is a top priority, and has tough her 9 year old a lot about safety and responsibility (resisting fun but unsafe flying habits). Her 5 year old is learning how to treat expensive equipment (transmitters) cautiously in order to use an FPV simulator. Most importantly, they have a fun outdoor hobby that educates them, and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Harming this hobby will harm fostering interest in education, learning responsibility, education about electronics/signals/coding/more, and personal/family bonding. This hobby does not pose the risk that the uninformed public thinks it does. These proposed regulations WILL harm everything listed above.”