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2020-02-20 16:32:05
“Flying for me is when am not doing all must do things, its a kind of valve to let out all every day pressure and do it with friends. Allso trying to have my two sons with me and tech them how to fly both LOS and FPV aircrafts. I started out way back as a teenager with balsa tree gliders that took several of months to complet and the satisfaction when it got airborn first time was so rewarding. After that i moved on to my first metanol driven helicopter, an Kyosho Concept DX, saved all of my money for a hole summer break of working extra and that was a great experiance, and costly during all my crashes :) Still kept flying and also some RC car driving in 1:8 track and went competiting in Large Scale 1:5 Touring and had some sucssesfull sesongs before ending up flying drone race in Sweden and was with it as we started up our swedish drone leuage. Never had we any major issues with our RC hobbies from the 80:s up till now. My concern is more or less that tere is to many ppl trying to sell drones that dont no what they are selling and that ends up selling drones to ppl that dont know on how to use them corectly. Also some of the problem is the ease of use an GPS camera drone eg. An Mavic Pro that anyone can operate and then do some stupid things :/ I dont think its right to punish a hole community that will in the long run reach us in Sweden due to poor politics that will follow FFA due to stupidity, that some idiot ppl buying a drone and fly into regulated airspace. Going the route that is on tape is a hughe inpact on privacy and only that is crasy going after ppl that in 99% are not the ones doing anything wrong in the hobbie. The persons that is doing wrong today is going to keep doing things wrong so making laws against stupidty wont help. So much more to say in this topic but this is whats on my mind right now.”