, United Kingdom

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2020-02-20 16:24:23
“Flying matters a lot to me and my family, I’m from the UK, but these kind of restrictions are clearly coming our way. Since December 1989, My Grandad and Dad took me a long to a BMFA event packed with models, flying displays and trader to buy from! From there we regularly build and fly a variety of model aircraft. It’s now 2020 I’m grown up grandparent have past away but I’m now teaching my two boys (9yr + 7yr) what I have been taught about model aviation. A lot has changed since when I was first introduced. And to be frank me and my boys have fallen for FPV Racing Quadcopters. They are already better pilots than I will every be, and to be fair they are quicker on the computer, setting up the PID controller, and RPM and dynamic filter settings, pass thought settings for the remote video transmitter control (SmartAudio 2.0), Transmitter settings eg Rates, switches, warnings etc. Me and my children spend a lot of time together in the hobby, the majority of the time Is in the build and setup, the final aspect, the goal if you like is to get airborne! And if we can not fly the Model Aircraft we build, they will then lose interest, our time spent designing, testing, laughing, repairing, skill learning and creative capabilities will be lost. Which makes me sad, innovation stops, progress is limited, passion is lost venders/trades go out of business. Hobby dead. :-(“