, Bradenton

, Florida

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-20 16:42:13
“Fpv not only provides me with a stress relivieving hobby but also my occupation!, I began flying about a year and a half ago and taught myself to build and repair my own equipment including becoming proficient at soldering and electrical skills to keep myself in the air. This is almost a necessity in this hobby unless you have deep pockets to pay another skilled builder to do work for you. About 6 months ago i lost my full time job and was pretty aimless on what next step i wanted to take for an occupation. Im a highschool graduate with no college so the choices for work besides an outside labor job or customer service type job in Florida are slim pickings. But with the friends and connections i made in the hobby, along with my online presence i was able to secure a job with lumenier/getfpv as a builder! So now im not only getting to build fpv quadcopters all day, but i get paid for it! Its like a dream come true! Now,here we are facing regulations that will no doubt cripple the hobby as we know it and the buisnesses that depend on it. There has to be a better more fair way to go about this, and the hobbies track record of safety has to come into play, why are regulations needed to protect us from dangers that havent happened yet for the 100 or so years rc flight has been around. I realise some large corperations have their eyes on the 0-400 foot airspace to profit from, but i dont believe just because they lobby for changes to benefit their pockets, us, the common man/woman have to have our rights/priviledges revoked. I hope you, FAA, take a second look at these regulations and try to make them fair for everyone, lets say the 0-400 foot rule be split in half? We get 0-200 feet, amazon or whoever else special interest group gets 200-400. Please consider all the jobs that will be lost from these regulations, as well as taking the life changing experience of being able to fly away from people. Id invite anyone interested in feeling that sensation with a ride along in some goggles or fpv monitor to have a chance to feel what us in the hobby have come to enjoy and crave.”