Heart Broken Veteran

Losing His PTSD Cure

, Virginia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-20 16:49:26
“A bunch of us prior service veterans fly fpv to deal with our ptsd issues. I havent taken any medication to cope since I started flying. The faa is spitting in the face of veterans like myself and everyone thats not a veteran. Who use this hobby as an outlet to escape and relax. If I lose this hobby, it will be back to medicating myself. They restrict us when you can do just about anything you want with a paramotor or experimental plane. Two things that can cause serious injury to the pilot and many others. Yet these things rarely happen. We as uav enthusiasts have an amazing record of not destroying full size aircraft and large amounts of private property. We are self regulating. The only people that restrictions actually restrict, are those willing to follow them. Anyone that wants to go against them is going to regardless. Not to mention the safety hazards of this. Anyone will be able to see where I’m flying at that time. I could be shot or stabbed by someone wanting to steal my stuff. All because they saw my little blip on a map in a remote area. The faa will be held accountable for anyone that is attacked while their location is being broadcast. Its a shame it has come to this.”