, Barto

, Pennsylvania

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-20 16:49:43
“The prospect of airspace on private property being controlled at mere feet is ridiculous and every person I talk to about this is shocked that it is even being attempted(including non pilot/RC people). I am an avid RC enthusiast as well as an active certificated pilot and I see zero reason to make this any more restrictive than it already is. You don’t need to control airspace below 400ft unless very close to an airport. I’m appalled at this blatant attempt to restrict what citizens can do on their own property. If you feel this needs to be done for the coming autonomous drone commercial operations, it should be put on THAT industry to build the capabilities to “see and avoid” non-autonomous activity, not by some tyrannical restrictions on the RC community that inspires the future and present in aviation.”