, Rohnert Park

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-20 16:53:58
“UAVS are a cutting edge technical field and free and unrestricted access should be maintained to ensure that the United States retains it’s position in the world. These regulations would accomplish one thing only, immediately ceding this advantage, its associated industries, and advanced technologies to adversaries of the United States. Namely China, and Russia. This is dangerous, unnecessary, and the consequences of enacting these regulations would ripple out into neighboring fields and technologies. Including many most would consider crucial to national security, such as aviation, aeronautics, engineering, space, robotics, and education. Without access to this critical technology many young people will simply not choose these career paths, and our country will experience a ‘brain drain’ which will further drag us behind in the race with other nations to maintain technical superiority.”