, Arkansas

, United States

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2020-02-20 17:45:11
“Flying means everything to me. It’s become my therapy ,improved my social interactions, made me use my brain more, I’ve become competitive in sport flying, learned new skills, gets me out of the house, has allowed me to help many other pilots get in the air and experience all these things , and it’s my favorite thing to do. I always dreamed of flying like a bird but really flying is way out of my price range. FPV flying gives me the same experience in a safe inexpensive way. Myself and every pilot I know realizes there is responsibility that comes with flying. We always fly safe and with a spotter if in public areas that warns us of potential problems and only fly at treetop level. Open air is boring to me. I love flying in parks around trees and obstacles. When I do fly around public it’s typically in a micro which is pretty much harmless because I would never want to harm anybody. If these changes go into effect it will crush me FPV has become a way of life and I love it! Please reconsider taking away our hobby this makes no sense at all. There is so much good coming from it. I would gladly report any pilot I see being unsafe or criminal if anything happened around me as would every pilot I know. I also have been considering trying to get my part 107 so I can work commercially and also teach. These changes you want to make will kill the hobby and all the creativity and technology coming from it. Again I can’t stress enough how important flying has become to me my mental health and my freedom to do what I want. This is America you can’t take away our right to fly! Please please reconsider……….this is unnecessary and feels like I’m having my rights taken from me.”