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, Texas

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2020-02-20 17:55:18
“Being able to fly freely is what helps me relax. It’s my get a way from stress and day to day small business owner headaches. Having to comply with remote Id would pretty much kill my flying which would lead to depression not just for me but a lot of fellow pilots out there. I know many people that drones saved them from taking there own life. It’s a way for us to have fun and be free. Those 3min of flying lifts away any stress and issues you may have. How many custom fpv drones have actually collided or even came into flight path of full size air crafts? Almost all incidences Iv seen have been gps guided dji drone which anyone can fly and they never respect safety. This rule needs to apply to those, store bought gps guided drones because anyone from 4years old + can grab it and fly just like a video game with no safety judgment.”