, Sweden

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2020-02-20 17:46:12
“2014 i starded building my own multirotors (9″ props) and it was the greatest hobby ever. I learned many useful skills like soldering, fiberglass composite work and some basic programming to name a few. I flew my model LOS in auto level mode with a camera on it. Then my problem was that I didn’t really know what I was recording, so I got an FPV system and everything changed. I could see what I was recording and I also started to fly in full manual mode which made the footage very unique. Later that year I wanted to fly faster and have more agility, so I built a 250 class 5” racing drone and it was just amazing what it was capable of compared to the big one I had before. In 2015 my brother took up the hobby and we raced against each other in our backyard and we became very good, regular podium finishes at swedish drone cup races 2016 and onwards. 2018 we competed at the drone racing world championship in China and along with the rest of the swedish team we managed to be the second best team overall. Throughout 2018 my filming interest started to take over and after the world championship it became the core of the hobby again and I started to freelance fpv filming. Since then I’ve had some big customers. Alan walker music video, Liseberg rollercoaster filming and Insta 360 to name a few. Example video: As you can see this kind of video making is extremely specialised and only possible with fast FPV drones. It’s becoming a legitimate niche in the filming industry and the demand for it seems to grow. It’s new and fresh and opens up many possibillities. It takes a lot of practice and experience to be good enough to fly for clients. If the hobby becomes too restricted I fear that many will not even know that they want to become a professional fpv filming pilot because they didn’t even get a chance to “dip their toes”. This could in turn kill this special and amazing type of filming. I hope my story gives you some insight to how this hobby is a source of joy for possybly as many as hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. And also how It’s a necessity to prepare future fpv filming professionals. /Viggo Koch”