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2020-02-20 18:34:33
“I have been flying for apx 5 years now. It was a hobby that turned into a career. I work for frsky rc. We make the radio transmitters that many within the hobby use. The regulations as proposed would cripple the hobby industry. I know many of the dealers I work with that would struggle to stay in business with the proposed limitations and requirements. The type of equipment that these proposals would require to be added to our model aircraft would be both cost prohibitive and in many cases space prohibitive as well. I agree that there are those out there that abuse this. Flying in places that common sense let alone laws tell you they shouldnt. But in many of these situations the people doing this are already breaking laws/regulations. Making stricter regulations only punishes the people that were already obeying them. Those who are already violating the rules will just continue to do so. When I go to an empty parking lot after work and fly my drone or plane around. That is by far a safer activity than so many other things. I was probably more “dangerous” to other people and property during my time driving to that parking lot. I’m actually fully in support of things like requiring getting a “license” by passing a knowledge/skills test to prove. I believe many of the issues at hand stem from uneducated and unskilled operators. Some of the craft available now make it too easy. Someone can pick up one of these gps automated stabilized craft and with no skill or knowledge and operate it. And these people are often ignorant of the rules. This is the problem that needs to be addressed. Burdening every hobbyist with extra equipment, making majority of our models we have obsolete and placing extra financial burden on a group that is by and large very responsible and safe is rediculous. When 99 cars out of 100 on the road are driving safely and 1 car is speeding and driving unsafe. You dont go and change the rules of the road to where it either makes life harder or cost prohibited to those 99 safe drivers. You address the 1 driver who is driving unsafe.”