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2020-02-21 4:43:45
“I kind of have an anti social personality. I don’t go to bars, I don’t go to parties, I tend not to participate in a lot of social events. I started flying helicopters back around 2007, moved to off road crawlers then to race buggies and short course trucks for a bit then got into Fpv followed by foam aircraft and now large scale 3D gas and electric airplanes.not one of these hobbies ever posed a threat to anyone and never had any near incidents. When I was flying Fpv I was always under tree tops or within 20 feet of the top. No bystanders were around unless they were part of the group of in a safe viewing distance aware of what was going on. All of the sites we flew Fpv at we picked because the lack of population. Now that I’m flying large scale gas and electric aerobatic aircraft I’ve been flying at my friends huge back yard witch is surrounded by corn or bean fields depending on crop rotations. This is a private property field we’re we take safety very seriously. We have a excellent runway setup for foam edf jets and smaller aircraft. Our close group of friends do our best to bring new people into the hobby both young and old. We love teaching flying to those less experienced and over the last 2 years have brought literally hundreds of new pilots into the hobby. I feel sorry for these people and myself who rely on this hobby for camaraderie and friendships I would normally not make. It’s so beneficial to get together with a group of like. Indeed people and discuss common passions. These people I’ve met over the past 15 years have become great friends and I hate to think what common interest we would have if our hobby was stripped away. My current feeling is if the government wants to strip my rights to enjoy a fun safe hobby with my friends based on a few idiots we will just find some “illegal” spot to fly way out in the middle of nowhere. The FAA has no way to implement the rules and enforce them. All I’ll do is order parts out of country build my own aircraft and continue enjoying the hobby in a safe manner. How fair is it to take away a civil hobby to make room for big business to use for their own personal air space to line their pockets while thousands of other business are simply put out of business because of these outrageous regulations which is exactly what they are doing. Why does one business have so much priority over the thousands of other business who not only support the community by providing jobs to all types of people but think what this will do to the US mail (also a federal institution) how could you stab a sister agency in the back by allowing drones to deliver products. The US Mail is already having a tough time and here you want to give shipping companies some huge advantage by being hypocrites saying how dangerous drone flying is and you want to allow a fully autonomous drones to freely fly around the sky over civilian populations delivering packages. This is the Most asinine thing I’ve heard of in years. Having been an advanced Fpv pilot I see no reason how flying beneath tree level is going to interfere with other aircraft and if delivery companies plan on using drones to deliver products what right do they have to steal public airspace and basically impose more dangerous operating conditions for the public. I feel if the FAA wants to make it safer make the camera drones i.e. these phantom and DJI product With cameras that can fly 2k plus or the long range Fpv quads us these transponder as they fly out of visual range. I know for a fact my 91”+ airplanes never leave my site and I’m always fully aware of my surrounding. Current prices for 91”-125” aircraft can run 3000-7000 depending on the parts and motors you use which is an extraordinary amount of money. There is no way to fly these aircraft based on geofencing and all the other garbage they are trying to impose. DO NOT RUIN OUR HOBBY which has had a near flawless safety record since the inception in the early 20th century. The FAA can not even govern there own aircraft better than us novice pilots. All I have to say to the FAA is if you think you have the funds to hire tens of thousands of enforcement agents or if you think the police who are there to fight real crime and protect the public from actual predators are going to go through all kinds of extra training to go on airspace control you have another thing coming. The police are way to busy fighting real world problems to deal with some law abiding citizens and children spending quality time with friends and family enjoying a hobby as it was meant to be enjoyed. The FAA has no idea what they are talking about and no proof of the dangers of participating in this hobby. There have been numerous more full size aircraft with fatalities compared to the zero from our RC HOBBY. All the FAA is doing is opening up legal action against otherwise law abiding citizens and their ability to contribute to society. We can all clearly see the FAA is moving to totally shut down our hobby for the benefit or big business. Not only do I think it’s a horrible idea to only allow RC aircraft to fly at designated flying spots but only allowing the application process for these potential sites to last a year and after that any possibility of a new site is out of the question. It’s clear to see they want the airspace for themselves in the future. For further argument what about paragliders, powered parachutes, and ultrlight aircraft? These all have no over site but here you want to impose sanctions on toys. If you want to come up with common sense rules and regulations I suggest you get someone who is knowledgeable about the hobby. Not some 747 pilot or some no nothing lobbyist trying to make a buck for himself and the big business he represents. I feel sorry for the future pilots who get interested in aviation from RC. This whole push for regulation is a joke and makes me sick to my stomach. Just more rights being stripped from hard working people who support small businesses just for the benefit of big business who have all the funds needed to buy the necessary votes for new regulation that’s totally uncalled for. Let’s say all these regulations go into effect….do you honestly think it’s going to stop someone from building a device to do harm if that’s their intention? I’m trying very had not to be disrespectful but seriously… what world do you think these regulations are going to have any positive or measurable effect? It’s no wonder the government manages to screw up everything they touch…especially when they get their hands into something they have no concept of. If your so worried about long range drone impose regulations on those. Don’t just throw everything and anything that flies in one big category. I suggest you postpone any further regulations until committee members, law makers, and concerned officials have had a chance to go to some events and see what they are about and how safe they really are. Don’t let the temptation of money be your guiding factor or lies based on hearsay. Just know for every 1000 responses you get about the over reaching proposed regulations only represents about a minimal of 1/10 those truly concerned. Lots of hobbiest are already convinced it’s a lost cause because lobbyist will just buy their way into our corrupt government officials waiting for a kick back to make sure legislature passes. I mean..if you really want to crack down on these out of control drone pilots just do some YouTube research and all you evidence for prosecution is right there on video. As a proud UNITED STATES citizen I am very disappointed in the rights being stripped away from the many law abiding tax paying citizens of my country. Seems to me there are much greater threats to concentrate on then than a couple of hobbiest enjoying the thrill and flight of RC aircraft since all of us do not have the funds nor process the health qualifications to pass the medical exam for a pilot license. But I guess If I can’t fly my model airplanes I’ll just get an ultrlight and wing it….I’m sure it’s much safer than an RC plane.”