, Austria

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2020-02-21 4:51:31
“In the beginning i flown a Glider at the age of 10, but i lost interest in it somehow quickly… started with Remote Cars in the age of around 14, and got back to Flying with RC Helicopters 4 years later. For me, Flying is some kind of stress relieve, but for the moste of the time its to enjoy the company of my fellow Friends, share knowledge, thoughts, and having fun with them flying. Recently the opportunity opens for the to fly Quadrocopters commercial… and all the knowledge that i gained during the years of building and flying them, comes into play how i can fly and build a save Quad. Adding extra electronics that interfaces with the Flying electronics that we use, i am worried if that functions as interned, how much weight it will add to the craft, and how much it will effect the flying performance, since one of my purpose builds requires to be as light as possible. About the law… i live in Austria.. with got the one of the hardest law right now since 2014. During that time, i never saw and Police officer or some kind of “FAA” (AustroControl in Austria) Person who questioned or checked us. so its not a question of what Law we have … its the question how to enforce them. In my opinion, the current laws we have are more then enough to fly Model Airplanes, Multicopters in LoS or FPV safely. On the business side, the Law would moste likely kill my income on that, since a draw for a company the makes scale Interior and Exterior for Model Airplanes and Helicopters, also the business i want to build up for Video shooting with my Quadro Copters. Speaking of Law’s… if i read that right, the manned flight (Experimental) would have less restriction then we would got if the Remote ID would come to Model Aviation, but that is only guess, since i don’t read into that that closely. with best Regards Mike”