, Quakertown

, Pennsylvania

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-21 10:36:31
“It’s a passionately loved hobby and interest shared with friends and family. Quality time, great memories, and meeting of new acquaintances are just a few benefits that are going to be cut off or greatly reduced due to the government once again sticking there over reaching arms into everybody’s business. The hobby shouldn’t be under scrutiny and attack because of the potential threat of radicals that wish to do harm. Don’t focus on our hobby and try to regulate us right out of existence as a way of eliminating terroristic threats. Deal with the evildoers, not the loyal and passionate participants of this wonderful hobby. It’s much like taking away our 2nd amendment rights to keep and bare arms. It’s not the gun (OR PLANE) that should be taken away. It’s the lawbreakers with evil intent that need to be dealt with. Actually, we police our own and warn and correct those that don’t abide by the rules. As far as potential threats posed by those that are in it for the wrong reason… we’d notice them I’m sure and would report them just as anyone would heed the rule, “see something, say something”. After all, it’s our freedoms and liberties that are at stake. Don’t wrongfully take ours!”