, Round Rock

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-22 0:19:24
“I have been flying control line since 1968 and flying RC since 1983. This caused me to go on and get my private pilots license and work in the aerospace industry designing sensors for commercial and military jets. I am currently part 107 and doing university research in counter UAS technologies. I am for a form of remote ID, but do not believe the current proposal meets the needs of the recreational pilot, nor do I think it is going to deter the fools out there. I am for something like the DJI drone to phone system, with one important caveat. Data about the pilot and his or her location should not be broadcast to anyone but law enforcement. No system should invade privacy. Fixed flying sites are fine for fixed wing aircraft that need a runway, but are not practical for drones. My drone is a flying camera. Flying at a fixed site would not allow photography or video of interesting subjects or events. I saw a pilots video of flying up a mountain in the middle of nowhere never more than 50 ft AGL but 1/4 mile (still VLOS) away from the pilot. He was totally legal, safe to general aviation and the public, and made a great video of rock formations never seen up close by a human before. Under the proposed rule he would not have been able to make this video (no internet or cell service available, not a fixed site, flew more than 400 ft laterally. I believe recreational pilots and general aviation can coexist. Education is the best method. I am all for mandatory testing. I learned a lot studying for the part 107 test and recert.”