, Easton

, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-22 10:27:53
“I have had a interest in model aviation from the age of 10. I attendend an aviation trades high school, and became a helicopter mechanic/crewchief in the army. I worked for Grumman Aircraft, and National Airlines upon leaving the service, and served in NYC law enforement for 35 years. Upon retiring I resumed my love of aviation through radio control model aviation, and have enjoyed the sport, and the comaraderie of like minded aviation enthusiast. I am fearful that needless restrictions on the sport will send interest in model aviation, (that attracted me to aviation in my youth) into a tail spin, reducing the exposure of todays youth into a field which is so important to the future of this country. I am 70+ yrs and can’t imagine being driven from the sport by government impossed regulations that have minimal actual safety, or national security benifits. Real criminals don’t use registered guns to commit crimes, real terrorist will not use registered drones.”