, bartlett

, New Hampshire

, United States

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2020-02-22 10:28:34
“I am a GA Pilot that loves all aviation and I like teaching both on simulators and RC planes. I am the president of our local AMA club with a great field. We do STEM programs and encourage people of all ages to take an interest in aviation. I am retired now but used to have one of the first 333 exemptions in NH. I ran a video production company and we used to use helicopters and full scale planes for video. MRs are a great improvement in production cost and quality. We produced safety boating videos for almost all the US states, the MR footage we produced was an invaluable tool for teaching. I have never had a problem with RC planes in my 40 years of GA flying, I have down into many fields that actually cater to both RC and full scale, there has never been a conflict.”