, Virginia

, United States

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2020-02-22 10:49:49
“I have been flying since I was 13 years old with my father. If any of this was in place back in 1993 and before, I never would have been able to fly. I’ve met many many great people along the way, and continue to meet them. It’s also knowing that other people have the same interest as I do in a hobby. If all of this goes into effect, it’s going to destroy the hobby due to cost and complexity. I won’t be able to take my nephew’s flying anymore, to see if they have any interest in it. When I have children, I have to wait until they’re adults to try to get them into it. That’s just wrong. I’ve read a few reports of true multi-rotor drone Pilots being dumb and getting into trouble, but that’s not what this Bill affect. This bill limits the people that are out here in this Hobby that are already following all the rules and laws. Let AMA govern as they have, let the club’s govern as they have. The club and the aircraft people are not the ones that have been causing any issues. We follow the rules, so let us, and let us enjoy our Hobby.”