, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-22 10:50:27
“I’ve been flying for years. I actually graduated collage with a degree in UAS and Drone technology. During my studies, I saw a Flite Test episode about foamboard planes and I was inspired to build my own. So I took apart an old quadcopter I had And picked up $3 worth of foam and dowel rods and built a plane! It flew about 20 yards and crashed, but it was super cool. I built my own plan and it flew for a bit. I immediately redesigned a new plane from the wreckage and built another. This one flew much longer. That’s why I love this hobby, it cost my a few bucks worth of material and some scrap motor components and I had an infinitely expandable and customizable platform to test thing and learn from. It made my classes in collage my more interesting!”