, Green Bay

, Wisconsin

, United States

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2020-02-22 10:57:28
“The thrill of building your own plane and launching it in the air for the first successful controlled flight is like no other. This could be a plane made from a couple of cheap pieces of foam or thousands of pieces of balsa glued togther. I enjoy scratchbuilding foam planes or from speed build kits, as the BNF and UMX planes I started out with got expensive to repair and the crashes were frustrating. That is what drew me to Flite Test many years ago, scratchbuilding from inexpensive materials, along with the video guidance on how to do it. Back then I was mostly flying at fields by local schools, but eventually I did join the local club and use their field. Now I am president of our local club, but the membership has been dwindling and the costs to stay in the club and keep it going have gone up. My concern with the proposed regulations is it will force people to join our club to fly at the field, which not all can afford, and it will limit those that cannot drive to the location. Don’t get me wrong, I want the club to grow, and the more members the less costly it will get for all. The fear is the initial cost to get in will just cause them to find a different hobby and do something else, or just stick with RC cars. I see a lot of kids now flying at schools and other locations, which is great, they are enjoying the hobby and will be the future of it. Limit that and make it too costly, and that will go away, which will then cause the club fields to die off as well.”